Toyota Corolla Touring Sports 2.0 hybrid 2019 review

Toyota Corolla Touring Sports 2018 review

The estate is 283mm longer than the hatchback, to allow for more rear seat and boot space

Estate variant of the new Corolla will take on the Ford Focus and Volkswagen Golf from 2019. We’ve sampled a prototype

Fifty-three million pounds and 400,000 hours of work. That’s what it took to create the Toyota Corolla Touring Sports from the basis of the hatchback project, and it’s a pertinent figure lest anybody think the addition of an estate to a range in order to please a shrinking but still significant proportion of European car buyers is the work of a moment.At the peak of work, the project had 60 full-time members, with Toyota’s new European styling office in Cologne, Germany, taking on the design as its first ever creation. The catch-all goal was to create a car that can deliver “family adventure”, according to its maker – which loosely means it’s a car that car handle all the needs of people who are young enough to have outdoor hobbies and/or have kids.So, more room in the boot, then, the size being dictated by how well objects such as an average adult’s bicycle fit in. This has led to a stretch in the car’s overall length over the hatchback’s by 283mm, as well as an increase in the wheelbase by 60mm so there’s also more room in the rear seats – better to fit in some extra adults who might share your pastimes or a brace of children in bulky child seats.
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