One in 10 new cars sold in November were hybrid or electric

Nissan Leaf

Record 10.2% market share logged for electrified models in UK, but market declined by 1.3% overall in November

Hybrid and fully electric models reached a record market share of 10.2% last month, according to figures released today by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders.

More than 16,000 hybrid, plug-in hybrid or pure electric models were registered, with battery-electric vehicles registering a 228% rise over the same period last year. That’s despite the overall UK car market shrinking by 1.3% year-on-year. 

Mild-hybrid vehicles, said not to be included under the ‘alternatively fuelled vehicle’ banner by the SMMT, registered huge increases over November 2018, up by 454% for petrol mild-hybrids. Diesel declined substantially once again, down from a 32% share in November 2018 to 23.6%. Petrol cars continue to dominate the market.

The SMMT puts the overall market decline down to weak private demand, with business registrations recording a less significant drop and fleet registrations actually rising. In total, 156,621 cars were registered last month.

SMMT Chief Executive Mike Hawes sayid: “These are challenging times for the UK new car market, with another fall in November reflecting the current climate of uncertainty. It’s good news, however, to see registrations of electrified cars surging again, and 2020 will see manufacturers introduce plenty of new, exciting models to give buyers even more choice.

“Nevertheless, there is still a long way to go for these vehicles to become mainstream and, to grow uptake further, we need fiscal incentives, investment in charging infrastructure and a more confident consumer.”


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