Land Rover Range Rover Sport HST 2019 review

Land Rover Range Rover Sport HST 2019 UK first drive review - hero front

JLR’s new-gen straight six is super-refined and free-revving, though complex-feeling at times. Will suit urban-driven Range Sports very well.

The new Range Rover Sport HST: a special new trim level for Land Rover’s ever-popular Cayenne rival which gives us our first taste of a key component of the company’s developing engine portfolio – the first six-cylinder motor of the ‘Ingenium’ engine family.JLR is moving away from V6 engines and towards straight sixes for a few reasons: because it can develop the latter using modular block architecture related to that of its four-pots, but also because straight sixes are more easily packaged with the ever more complicated induction and exhaust systems that modern engines use, and they also deliver well-known relative advantages in mechanical refinement.The Range Sport’s new ‘P400’ unit is just under 3.0 litres by volume, and it uses twin-scroll turbocharging, electric supercharging and mild hybrid electric motor assistance to make 396bhp and 406lb ft of torque. It effectively replaces the car’s old 3.0-litre V6 supercharged option, slotting into the lineup just below the P400e plug-in hybrid on price, but slightly above it on acceleration and top speed. And, while you can have it in a more ordinary trim level, Land Rover is marking the engine’s introduction with a special trim derivative called HST.
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