Hyundai Ioniq Electric 2019 UK review

Hyundai Ioniq Electric 2019

Bigger battery and improved efficiency increase the range – and potentially the appeal – of Hyundai’s EV

The Hyundai Ioniq goes one further than its Toyota Prius rival in offering a fully electric version alongside hybrid and plug-in hybrid versions. This revised Ioniq Electric brings with it a larger battery (up from 28kWh to 38kWh) and a more efficient electric motor to increase the range by some 30% to a claimed 194 miles.There are a host of other tweaks, too, mostly designed to improve efficiency and contribute to that increased range. Most noticeable is that new front grille design – big, bright, silver – with active air flaps to aid cooling. When that 194-mile range is depleted, the revised Ioniq Electric is faster to charge than before thanks to an upgraded charging system. The 7.2kW on-board charger can replenish the car’s reserves to 80% from a 50kW charge point in 57 minutes and go from flat to full in just over six hours from a 7kW charger. Also notable is the revised interior, where the main change is a 10.25in touchscreen that now protrudes from the centre console rather than sitting within it. New features have been added alongside a slicker operating system and it’s complemented by upgraded switchgear below it that’s now backlit. 
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