BMW M5 Competition 2018 UK review

BMW M5 Competition

Extra-special super-saloon comes with added handling agility but a bit too much hardcore attitude for UK roads

The BMW M5 Competition is the new extra-powerful, sharpened and honed version of the M Division’s already pretty powerful and sharp M5 super-saloon. We drove it in the summer on Portuguese roads; now’s our chance to find out how well it takes to British ones.This car is a result of BMW M’s decision to spin off at least one added-performance ‘special standalone model’ from every M car it makes from now on. That standalone model might be branded Competition, like this one, or it might be a CS, a GTS or possibly even something all-new. The suspense is unbearable, isn’t it? Whatever they’re called, there has been plenty already in what seems like a short space of time, and, quite clearly, there will be plenty more.The clever bit is that, by committing to making them as a matter of course, BMW M evades much of the cynicism you might otherwise confer on it for milking yet more money out of the early adopters who always rush to buy one of the first examples of any M car on the market. If you want the ultimate M2, M4, M5 or M8, you’ve now been put on notice that it almost certainly won’t be one of the very first ones in the showroom.And if you choose to buy an early car anyway, run it for a year and then chop it in for the new and improved Competition version? Well, more fool you. Some would simply call that effective product lifecycle management.
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