Bentley Bentayga Diesel dropped in Europe

Bentley Bentayga diesel dropped in Europe

Falling demand and increasing anti-diesel attitudes have led to the brand to withdraw its only diesel model in Europe

Bentley’s first diesel car, the V8 diesel-engined version of the Bentayga, will also be its last offered in Europe.

The Bentayga Diesel, first introduced in late 2016, has been pulled from sale in Europe, including the UK, although it remains available in thirteen markets global markets, including Australia, Russia and South Africa

Bentley issued the following statement: “Over recent months, the political legislative conditions have changed in Europe, and a significant shift in attitude towards diesel-powered cars has been widely documented.

“These factors, alongside the recent introduction of the new Bentayga V8 and our strategic decision to focus on electrification in the future, have led to us taking the decision to offer only petrol Bentayga derivatives in European markets from September 2018.”

Although the Bentayga going petrol-only will have a negligible impact on overall UK diesel registrations, it’s part of a wider shunning of diesels by the British public, which has forced manufacturers to trim numerous models from their line-ups.

So far in 2019, diesel has made up less than a third of total new car registrations, whereas it made up almost 50% in 2015.

Bentley wouldn’t specify what proportion of Bentayga sales the diesel had been taking, but alongside three powertrains (W12, V8 and V6 plug-in hybrid), it was likely to be a niche offering, particularly in the petrol-favouring super-luxury segment. 

Until the end of the second quarter of 2018, there were 815 W12, 518 diesel and 115 V8 Bentaygas registered on UK roads, although the W12 was introduced first, the diesel in late 2016 and the V8 petrol and V6 plug-in hybrid earlier this year. 

Bentley has confirmed that UK customers will no longer be able to order a Bentayga Diesel, even as a one-off.

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